28 Aug 2015

3 Tips to Make Your Website More Social


As social media has matured, it has made one of the most difficult transitions a medium can undergo, evolving from a casual time waster to a necessary business tool.

Seeing the massive amount of time consumers spend on social networks, many brands have incorporated social elements into their own websites in hopes of driving more traffic, higher on-site engagement and increased conversions.

Let’s explore a few ways to make your website more social.


Customer reviews are one of the most important social elements that a company can incorporate on its website. In fact, according to a study conducted by Dimensional Research, 88 percent of respondents reported to be influenced by reviews – negative and positive alike.

Thanks to consumers’ desire for customer reviews, there are a variety of firms that provide the necessary technology. One of the most popular customer review technologies on the market, PowerReviews, provides a range of services to businesses, including Social Answers. Through this product, brands are able to display commonly asked questions directly on their product pages with answers from consumers who have been verified as actual buyers. PowerReviews customer Skechers saw a 32 percent conversion increase with Social Answers.

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