18 Jun 2015

Customer Loyalty

By Geoff Smith, SVP of CrowdTwist

Loyalty today is about more than just discounts and free samples. It’s the aspect of a strategy that allows companies to connect with customers, start conversations, and reward them for their engagement and dedication.

In today’s multichannel world, it’s crucial that businesses focus on their customers and enhance individual experiences with targeted, meaningful offers. After all, loyalty has expanded from a “spend-and-get” mentality to one centered on nurturing relationships between purchases.

Here are six loyalty marketing examples that illustrate how companies can spark action with engagement- based loyalty strategies.


Consumers today expect businesses to know them and cater to their needs; accomplishing this goal is all about capturing and using customer data effectively. To achieve more lasting connections, companies should make every effort to learn as much as possible about their customers. For example, one tactic brands are finding successful is incentivizing loyalty program members to update their profiles to make sure they have the most relevant and up-to-date information. Case in point: Participants in the Pepsi Experience Points (PXP) loyalty program earn additional points for adding their gender, birth date, mailing address and phone number. After capturing the information, Pepsi puts the data to good use by sending customers a small gift or offer on their birthdays, or surprises them with a coupon offer in the mail. By offering the proper motivation, Pepsi is gaining additional insight into their customers, which allows the company to make marketing messages more relevant.

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