24 Jul 2013

Advertising 101- Copywriting Tips That Work!

Do you ever think about what it is about that particular TV commercial, radio spot, or print or billboard ad that stopped you, to see and listen, to read, and most important pay attention, remember, and even act on?

Well here are 6 timeless proven copywriting tips you can use to do just that, create memorable and acted upon advertising for any and all media that has that call to action!

Make it Real and Personal

Your copywriting should relate to something that is real in the life and mind of your reader/viewer and capture “that real moment” that you want them to be in when they first encounter your advertising in whatever advertising medium you choose to reach your target audience in.

Arouse an Emotion

If you can make your viewer or reader value your advertising message, you can make them pay attention. If your advertising message can make them feel what they value they will believe your message. If your advertising message can do both, you can then make the viewer or reader act with your call to action in your advertising message. The power of emotional value recognition and involvement is undeniable. We as consumers are loyal to what we value. Emotional yet rational value is what you present, and value is what your advertising message sells!

Connect and Tell Your Viewer or Reader What to Do…

With words, pictures, or images… your call to action… act… why… when… where… who… how… and now!

Keep it Simple

No matter the product, or service, organization, subject or industry, from the rocket scientist to the layperson, you will always find the obvious and extraordinary in the simple.

Tell a Complete Story

No second-guessing or trying to figure it out on the part of the viewer or reader. The viewer or reader should instantly know what your advertising message is saying and what you want them to know and act on. Engage them with your advertising message and they will want to know more. So make sure there is a common sense reason and meaning to your advertising with a beginning, middle, and end… with a call to action!

“Let the Idea be the Star”

This is self-explanatory. In print it is the headline, in radio… the theatre of the mind, it’s the verbal story and often the opening line, on TV it is the theme of the visual story, on the internet it is all of the above. The message is always clear… SAVE… TRUSTWORTHY… NEW… FREE. Whatever the case may be… the reason for your advertising message is always the star!

Remember to never fall in love with your own idea. The goal is to have your target market fall in love with it. So always test your advertising message until you hit that core nerve with your target audience.

Robert Rosario