24 Jul 2013

Be Different and Soar to Success

As marketers, we’ve tried to understand these digital opportunities by repeating what we did with print. Industry analyst Tim Walters shared this rather apt quote with me from media theorist Marshall McLuhan, which addresses how television became the disruptive media (in 1960):

“When any new form comes into the foreground of things, we naturally look at it through the old stereos. We can’t help that. We’re just trying to fit the old things into the new form, instead of asking what the new form is going to do to all the assumptions we had before.”

We’ve been doing exactly that with how we market using the Internet. For example, people think of a website as a brochure. In digital marketing, we refer to print publishing processes with terms like publish, approve, archive and syndicate. In the broader marketing ecosystem, we are trying to fit old media disciplines, such as PR, into this model, leaving us struggling as the latest new engagement channel — whether its Pinterest or Google Glass — disrupts our old line of thinking.

To help differentiate your online presence in the face of these new forms, consider following these three business practices today.

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