04 Apr 2013

Branding Tips 101

  • A brand becomes a brand when its product or service becomes an important part of the lifestyle of its customer.
  • You cannot spend your way into becoming a brand, you have to lifestyle your way into it.
  • The name of your business, service, or product should say it all.
  • If your customer has to guess or figure out what you do, then you reduce your chance of success to the flip of a pre-deteremined coin of which you will lose.
  • Brands are built by do-ers and leaders at first and supported by followers after that.
  • Public Relations and Special Events with your customer’s lifestyle is how you lifestyle your way into becoming a successful brand.
  • Word of mouth is still the best way to promote and brand your business. Find the biggest mouth, just make sure it’s an electronic one such as the internet and social media.
  • Brands that work grow. So prepare to grow if branding for your product, service, or business is what you want.
  • Getting customer “MENTAL REAL ESTATE,” not top of mind awareness is the key behind every successful brand.
  • Let your competitors promote their products, you promote a lifestyle with your products.
  • If you’re promoting your brand with advertising, know that all advertising works if you know how it works, so make sure you know.
  • Branding, it doesn’t happen like magic, you have to know how to make it happen with the marketing tools that make it happen.
  • Network with those who know what they’re doing. Teach and help those who don’t.
  • Successful American businesses help all of us… become one

Till next time, what you want and what you get will depend on what you do with what you know. Give your business power and influence over itself and become a success.

Robert Rosario