10 Jul 2015

How Brands Can Still Reach Consumers on Facebook

By Joe Matthews, Co-Founder and CEO of Tagkast

As organic reach on Facebook continues to decline, standing out on the social platform is more challenging than ever.

At its simplest, Facebook’s most recent News Feed algorithm update makes content shared by users’ friends appear higher in a given News Feed and promoted content appear lower.

Facebook warned that post reach and referral traffic could potentially decline – and many expect that is exactly what will continue to happen. As a result, brands fear they will no longer reach their desired audiences or be able to foster relationships with new customers – at least in an organic fashion. Despite what they may think, however, marketers can still increase brand awareness on Facebook if they consider the following:


Facebook’s new algorithm encourages peer-to-peer sharing, emphasizing content shared by users’ friends and family. Now more than ever, retaining customers is more important than acquiring new ones on social media, because companies will rely on current customers to increase their brand reach. If current customers share their brand experiences on Facebook, chances are very high that friends and family will see their posts and possibly comment on or share them.

Marketers may want to consider sponsored and promotional events to provide their brands a perfect platform to encourage peer-to-peer content sharing, like capturing photos of consumers experiencing a product in a hands-on way and encouraging guests to share those photos with their social networks. By doing so, they increase a brand’s reach and maximize impressions – helping broaden their networks and build new relationships.

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