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26 Feb 2015

How to Reinvent Your Digital Business

The following is a guest commentary from Michael Ni, CMO and SVP of products at Avangate Most service providers and businesses think that it’s easy to sell online. You build a website, add a payment processor and now you’re officially a “digital business,” enabling you to make millions from online consumers. To become a true digital […]

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16 May 2014

Turn Your Website Into A Top Marketer

Incredible growth often comes with incredible challenges, and they can cripple or exhilarate those involved. Performance marketers are no different. The ones moving forward in this space are doing more than rolling with the industry’s unique set of punches — they are reinventing the practice of performance marketing altogether. They continue to defeat the rogue […]

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05 Oct 2013

How to Improve Customer Service at Your Operation

You may not be able to precisely define good customer service, but you know it when you see it. Does it begin before the sale with the image and message your company presents? Is it the process by which you handle customer complaints? Or is it the total customer experience from the time of initial […]

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04 Apr 2013

Selling For Success In The 21st Century

The VOSS System was created to communicate with impact and understanding your voice, your message and intent your sales presentation in a way that will connect you with what’s most important and attentive to the listener… connecting. Connecting with your listener with what they VALUE and BELIEVE THE MOST! It is holistic in its design, […]

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