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28 Oct 2015

Authority: The Link to Local SEO Success

When Google released its Pigeon update in late 2014, few knew just how significantly the results pages would change and ultimately how sophisticated the search engine itself would become in relation to identifying queries with local intent – but that is exactly what has happened. Search engine optimization (SEO) has always been a very “dynamic” […]

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09 Jan 2015

A Practical SEO Roadmap for 2015

By Jason Squardo Marketers consistently rank search engine optimization (SEO) as one of the greatest drivers of ROI, and the supporting evidence clearly shows that having an actual SEO plan is an essential part of any comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Planning for SEO, whether that initiative is managed in-house or in conjunction with an agency […]

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30 Oct 2014

Break Through With Digital Analytics

In the hyper competitive digital landscape, the only way to thrive (not just survive) is to increase familiarity with, and reliance on, analytics. And the time is now to break through. The market for Web analytics solutions and services has never been greater, expected to more than double in the coming years, from $1.33 billion […]

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16 Aug 2014

The Definitive Guide to Video SEO

Incorporating Video SEO into your strategies Video represents a unique place in the SEO world. While the contents of a video itself aren’t indexed by search engines—at least not yet—the meta data ascribed to the video is. Companies who want to use video as part of their SEO strategies need to use a combination of […]

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16 Aug 2014

Run Your AdWords Campaign Like the BIG BOYS

By Jacob Baadsgaard Small businesses and startups often make the mistake of thinking they are restricted to basic or simple advertising campaigns because their budgets are not as big as their competitors. That’s far from the truth, however. As digital takes on an increasingly larger role in the advertising landscape, it is easier than ever […]

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15 Jun 2014

SEO 2.0 – Focus on Outreach

By Peter Prestipino, Editor-In-Chief There are no two ways about it – inbound links are influential in achieving top placement on the search results (arguably, they remain the single most important element today). Search engines, however, are not making it easy for Internet professionals to acquire the citations they need to place in competitive positions. […]

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26 Feb 2014

Everyday Digital Optimization

Walk into any office on a Friday, and you are likely greeted with genuine good cheer from the individuals who work there. For most, the last business day of the week means wearing jeans to work (kind of a big deal), making weekend plans, and chatting or lunching with colleagues. Aside from categorizing those moments […]

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03 Jan 2014

30 Video Statistics From 2013 Worth Knowing

2013 has been a huge year for video. Online video watching is now completely mainstream among consumers, and the decreasing cost of video production, coupled with the increasing use of mobile devices, has made video a vital part of marketing campaigns. Report after report this year have shown just how highly consumers value video, and […]

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24 Jul 2013

Did You Know?

Videos on your website… Did you know? Video increases the chance of a first-page Goggle result by 53x (Forrester) Video in search results have a 41% higher CTR (Click Through Rate) than text (ReelSEO) Video in email marketing has shown to increase CTR’s by 96% (Implix) Visitors who watch a product video are 85% more […]

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20 Jun 2013

Engagement – The Laws of Digital Attraction

Imagine the perfect customers. They visit or participate often, have high average order values when they buy and openly promote your company to each person they meet. That’s the ideal, but how did those users get so digitally (and ment ally) “engaged” with your brand in the first place? Fortunately, there are plent y of […]

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