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28 Sep 2015

Don’t Fall Victim to a Hack Attack

It has been a couple of rough years for the consumer retail market. High-profile “hacks” of major brands such as Target, Michael’s and Home Depot, to name just a few, have shaken consumers’ trust and the sense of security they have in using their debit and credit cards to make purchases. According to a 2014 […]

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10 Jul 2015

The Digital World of Domains

For millions of Web businesses, .COM remains the most popular and sought-after extension, but the virtual tide is turning – albeit slowly. In today’s digital world of domain names, brands have a near infinite number of choices they can make for Web brand naming and their broader virtual business presence. While hundreds of new top-level […]

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26 May 2015

What’s Important in Website Analytics

By Amir Glatt, Duda Co-Founder & CTO There’s no doubt that we live in the data era. Today, nearly everything we do online is trackable. Even more importantly, new analytics tools appear every day to crunch this data and provide marketers and businesses with insights we simply didn’t have in the past. In the business […]

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26 Apr 2015

3 Live Chat Tips for Online Retailers

By Allison Howen, Associate Editor With myriad solutions available, live chat is not only a very accessible functionality for e-commerce businesses, but it’s also a feature savvy shoppers have come to expect when buying products on the Web. Despite live chat’s popularity, many merchants are only leveraging it at its most basic level – even […]

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12 Apr 2015

As the Web Grows So Too Must Budgets

As the Internet continues to expand and consumers continue to leverage the Web for more and more tasks, companies will have no choice but to increase the amount they spend on technology. For starters, with so much of a company’s daily operations relying on the ‘Net and its availability to each and every employee, many […]

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15 Feb 2015

Everyday Content Development

By Jordan Kasteler, Senior SEO Manager at Red Door Interactive Anyone who has been involved with SEO, even for a few short years, has likely seen a lot of change. While an emphasis on creating, publishing and promoting “high-quality” content has remained consistent, marketers are increasingly responsible for ensuring their content performs well in the […]

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09 Dec 2014

Responsive VS. Adaptive

By Amir Glatt, Co-Founder and CTO of Duda When designing and building a website today, it’s essential for enterprises to think about how users will access their website – will it be from desktops, smartphones, tablets (or all three)? What’s not as clear to many, however, is the best way to achieve this state of […]

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