04 May 2017
Cloud Computing

Public vs. Private Cloud: What Marketers Need to Know

Making a technology decision is becoming less of a “shadow IT” slap on the wrist to marketers, but rather it’s becoming an essential part of the marketer’s job. This article will explain the difference between public and private cloud offerings and when it matters which type of cloud you choose. Whether you are a pharmaceutical company running landing pages or a consumer packaged goods company collecting emails, understanding the difference between public and private cloud will help you make better marketing technology decisions.

The Public Cloud

The public cloud is a reference to cloud computing, where the computer’s resources are pooled together to power multiple tenants. Common examples of public cloud are compute platforms like Amazon Web Services, shared hosting like DreamHost, or SaaS platforms like MailChimp. Think of public cloud as a large apartment complex with multiple tenants. Tenants have their own allocated space with a deadbolt door — and hopefully a security guard.

• You share computing, so it is efficient both in cost and time.

• You share computers, so your neighbors may be a security risk.

Public cloud examples (not limited to):

• Most all websites (marketing sites, blogs, personal sites)

• Most consumer applications (video games, note-taking apps, file sharing)

The Private Cloud

The private cloud refers to a computer network only used by a single tenant. Common examples include physical onsite office servers or paid dedicated hosting services. Think of the private cloud as a single home, single family with their own security system, Rottweiler, iron fence, etc.

• Since you own or rent the whole computer or private computer network, it is naturally more expensive.

• You are the only tenant, so it is more “secure.”

Private cloud examples (not limited to):

• Transactional websites (banks, financial, healthcare)

• Some mobile applications (money sharing, financial tracking)

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