28 Mar 2015

Compete Against Large Retailers

By Derek Schou, Associate Editor

Small and mid-sized retail businesses are at an inherent disadvantage in today’s marketplace.

Not only must these merchants compete against each other, but they also have to take on global enterprises with marketing and advertising budgets double, triple or perhaps even quadruple their total sales figures. To compete in the crowded and competitive world of e-commerce, many merchants are turning to affiliate networks. In fact, Forrester Consulting projected that affiliate spending would top $4.5 billion in 2016.

To help merchants figure out which network is for them, below are a few tips on what to look for in a network, as well as what merchants can do to make themselves more attractive to affiliate publishers.


Along with limited advertising budgets, smaller e-commerce businesses don’t have the manpower that large retailers have at their disposal – a significant disadvantage when it comes to extending a brand’s reach.

Many smaller e-commerce businesses make do with what could be as small as a one-person team. For this reason it is imperative that they leverage an affiliate network that can provide them with the proper scale that they require to compete with big brands.

One such affiliate network that can help to even the playing field is Affiliate by Conversant, formerly known as Commission Junction.

Affiliate by Conversant works with a wide range of affiliate publishers that are separated into a tiered category system depending on their promotional methods. Affiliates on this network specialize in a variety of advertisement methods including search as well as coupons and deals.


While finding a network with an expansive list of affiliate publishers is important to improve merchants’ reach, it is also important that retailers can actively, as well as accurately, see how their publishers are performing.

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