01 May 2013

E-Commerce Video Into the Cart

Internet retailers are discovering video’s versatility and how they can be used as more than just replacements for product page photos. Today, e-commerce brands are seeing the real value that videos can bring to their SEO programs, social media campaigns and mobile strategies, as online shoppers have become primed to watch more video, not to mention create their own to share with their shopping peers. Below are some predictions for video’s future impact on the e-commerce world.

Curated commerce opens its arms to video: Sites like Polyvore and Pinterest have quickly grown massive audiences by allowing users to “curate” their own collections of images based on whatever categories they choose: wedding themes, fashion, home décor, celebrities and musicians, you name it. It makes sense that these sites will welcome video “pinning” and encourage users to add videos to their collections in the future.

When Pinterest launched, it didn’t allow brands to offer pinboards, but the social site announced in Nov. 2012 that it would offer business accounts. This change makes it the perfect time for online brands to create Pinterest pinboards and a presence on other curated commerce sites, as well as to take advantage of their video capabilities.

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