15 Feb 2015

Everyday Content Development

By Jordan Kasteler, Senior SEO Manager at Red Door Interactive

Anyone who has been involved with SEO, even for a few short years, has likely seen a lot of change.

While an emphasis on creating, publishing and promoting “high-quality” content has remained consistent, marketers are increasingly responsible for ensuring their content performs well in the broader digital landscape. Here are 11 SEO-focused tips to get you started:

1. Keywords vs. Intent

The days of researching keywords and integrating them multiple times into titles, headlines, copy and descriptions are gone. Instead, it’s more about grouping keywords into buckets of “intent” to understand what the user is trying to do. Do the researched keywords have navigational, transactional or informational intent? What questions are people asking and does the preferred landing page answer those questions? Who is ranking for those keywords and why?

If the content is not fulfilling the searcher’s needs, engagement will suffer. And if engagement suffers, the results will too. It’s important to optimize for results like bounce rate, interaction time and more. Conversions will likely increase from such efforts, which will satisfy bosses and clients.

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