10 Jul 2015

The Evolving E-Commerce Customer

Technology isn’t the only aspect of the e-commerce industry that is evolving – shoppers are too. In fact, online shoppers in 2015 are much more demanding than in years past; not only expecting consistency from retailers across touch points, but also anticipating personalized shopping experiences.

Recent data from MyBuys, for example, reveals that 53 percent of consumers say it’s important that retailers recognize them as the same person across channels and devices, while 48 percent say they purchase more from retailers that use shopper interests and buying behavior to personalize the customer experience.

Fortunately, there are new tools and strategies being created every day that can help retailers drive conversions and deliver better customer experiences. Web professionals can stay up-to-date with these emerging technology solutions on Website Magazine’s E-Commerce Express channel online at wsm.co/ecommerceexpress.

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