16 Aug 2013

Go SoLoMo and Increase Your Online Business Visibility

Consumers might not actually be buying yet, but they are certainly researching, reviewing and sharing from their smartphones.

This makes social (So), local (Lo) and mobile (Mo) vital to the success of today’s digital-minded enterprises.

Despite this, many enterprises have yet to begin optimizing their SoLoMo presence, even those who it is most suited for. In a recent survey, Glogou discovered that nearly 84 percent of websites operated by Convention and Visitor Bureaus (CVB) are not location aware, 67 percent are not mobile friendly and 89 percent are not fully integrated with social media. This is a real missed opportunity since travelers, especially, use their mobile devices to get online and access local information for attractions, hotels, restaurants, stores, etc., as well as to share their travel experiences across social networks.

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