09 Dec 2014

Why Going Global Really Means Going Local

By Nataly Kelly

The hype around globalization is well deserved – it has never been easier for organizations of all sizes to have a worldwide presence.

In fact, the mere launching of a website effectively makes an organization global. There is a distinct difference, however, between having a global business and doing business globally.

Globalization is about removing the barriers that exist when people try to work together and when doing business in new locations. As Thomas Friedman wrote in his best-selling book “The World is Flat,” the greatest business benefit of today’s global communications and technology infrastructure “is that people can work with other people on more stuff than ever before.”

Globalization does not mean the world is homogenizing, however. The global communications infrastructure makes it much easier for people in different countries to communicate with one another, and inherent in that comes a greater understanding of cultural differences. However, this does not cause those cultural differences to wane. The earth is still populated by a wildly diverse set of people, with their own languages, traditions and societal norms.

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