28 Oct 2015

Hitting a Customer Service Homerun

Seventy-six percent of consumers will stop doing business with a brand after a bad customer service experience (Ovum, 2015). These “bad” experiences, however, aren’t limited to brick-and-mortar stores. 

Increasingly, consumers are demanding high levels of service across channels (Web, mobile and social), and do not hesitate to voice their dissatisfaction when their expectations are not met. Despite increased expectations and the growing number of channels available to share experiences (good and bad), brands can still win at customer service, but doing so requires more than just displaying contact information on a website. Rather, brands should consider the following three tips when strategizing a winning digital customer service plan.


In today’s always-connected world, a smartphone is rarely out of its owner’s sights. This is why Ross Haskell, senior director of products at BoldChat by LogMeIn, suggests that brands make mobile the most valuable player (MVP) of their customer service initiatives.

“The single biggest trend is the ongoing move to the mobile Web,” said Haskell. “Smartphones and tablets are the center of an increasing number of users’ digital experiences, so it is critical that brands embrace not only mobile websites and apps, but mobile engagement as well.”

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