30 Oct 2014

Improve Your Pictures, Improve Your Conversions

Humans are highly visual creatures. In fact, a large part of our brain is devoted to visual processing, and scientific research abounds about how visual imagery helps us cut through the information clutter and process data more efficiently.

Armed with this knowledge, it’s no wonder that Web designers and digital marketers make ample use of visuals on websites. The power of visual imagery has a downside, however, that is often overlooked: Photos can kill conversions.

Photos serve many purposes

Photos play a crucial role in informing, influencing, educating and reassuring customers throughout the buying process. Research has shown that images can improve the quality and speed of learning, aid information retention and convey subtle meanings – but only if they are relevant to the content and audience, and help clarify or add context.

The problem is many website images just don’t serve any purpose at all. As usability expert Jared Spool once wrote, “Graphics help when they improve the user’s experience. However, we’ve found not all graphics improve the experience. Some images just take up space or, in the worst case, confuse the user.”

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