01 May 2013

Marketing Tips 101

Acquiring Market leadership For Your Business

All things being equal… your product, service, and business. It is better to be the first to the Market Place in your market segment with your, product, service or category than to be better. People will always remember who was first and will forget who was 2,3,4, … etc.

Own Your Customer Category For Your Business, Product Or Service

If you cannot be in first position in the minds of consumers for your business, product, or service category, then create or set up a new category you can be the first in.

Consumer Perception Will Make Or Break Your Business

Unfortunately in business perception far to often claims victory over reality. Avoid this by being aware of this possibility so it will not happen to you. Your marketing efforts are just not for your business, products or services but for a positive and favorable perception of them. Always remember this!

Position Your Business, Products, Services For Your Customers Mind and Lifestyle

First Position. Top of Mind Awareness. Mental Real Estate. It is better to have first position in the consumer’s lifestyle mindset for your products or services than to be first in the marketplace

When Sales Planning See Wide, Think Straight, and Always Focus on Your Customers Mindset

If you know your customers and the words they use to think and associate products and services with you will be always be able to connect with them with impact and value. One of the most memorable marketing tools you have is owning a word or collections of words in your customer’s mindset. Example Nike “Just Do It”

Own the Business Word and You Will Own The Consumers Mindset With The Word

When a word is exclusive to your business or function you will own all associations to and with that word think, “Goggle”

The Rules of Two’s

Regardless of what type of business it is not, or the size of the business, or the location of the business there will always be two market leaders in control of the market share. Become one.

 Learn From Customers Using The Word NO!

When prospective customers tell you No! No to your products, services, or entering your business ask them why? Listen, take notes, and make the necessary changes!

Robert Rosario