16 Nov 2013

Use your online marketing ROI to Improve Your Bottom Line

The traditional balance sheet ROI can be improved and protected by using these digital marketing ROI’s.

Return on Involvement.

Involve your online customers with your business. Start a blog and involve them buy finding mutual points of interest.  Start a newsletter or blog, and turn your website into a reference point and useful information center. Ask you customers to take and submit videos that chronicle the experience with your business or products. Then post them on your site and YouTube. Involve your customers with positive experiences and your customers will spread the word about you and your business for you.

Return on Influence

Reach out to your favorite customers or clients and ask them for a reference and recommendation. In addition reach out to individuals and organizations that are recognized as gatekeepers, tastemakers and trend setters in your industry and inform them about your business and what you and your business, product or service are doing to make the quality of life better. This is an age where networking and soft self-promoting is a must and doing so both creates influence about you and your business. The successful result of doing this is that you and your business turns into content for the internet that is usable, searchable, and drives traffic to your website.

Return on Impact

Reach out with your business online and become a difference in your community, both online and offline. The community in return, will look to you for encouragement, assistance, information and leadership.  Doing all these things will give you recognition within your online and offline community of peers, associates, and customers, resulting in creating impact for you and your business online.

Return on Invention

Need great new and fresh ideas for your business, products, or services? Ask your customers. Need to improve your business and get a real perspective on how it’s doing, and could be doing? Again ask your customers. Ideas and great ones are available to individuals who know how to listen and are aware on what’s going on around them. So if you are idea hunting to give you a unique selling proposition, start with your customers by asking them and listening to them both online and offline.

Return on Investment

In closing doing all of these marketing ROI’s will keep you on top of your business on how to improve it, grow it, and most important safeguard its bottom line, the financial return on your investment…your business.

CEO-Robert Rosario