SurfPrep Sanding

“IncuBiz is always on the ball! They are almost always is able to update our website the same day. From building the website to making the website more user friendly and interactive, IncuBiz is amazing! We’ve had a ton of customers tell us how nice our website is.”



SurfPrep is an industrial abrasive manufacturer that is a subsidiary of Dixon Abrasives. SurfPrep manufactures abrasives for a wide arrange of industries, everything from automotive to professional sports gear to construction. The client was new to the internet and assigned us to create an interactive website that could be self-maintained and could be used for sales presentations. The website had to have built in multi-platform presentation capabilities for the following formats for laptops, iPads, and smart phones. GFDM provided logo enhancement, packaging, design and layout, website design, digital newsletter design, video integration, sales sheet design, business card design, and SEO.


“GFDM, you guys are awesome. The website you built me sells my products for me. All I do is see the expression on my clients face and take orders. Thanks guys.”

Skylar Faria -Dixon Abrasives National Sales

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