09 Jan 2015

A Practical SEO Roadmap for 2015

By Jason Squardo

Marketers consistently rank search engine optimization (SEO) as one of the greatest drivers of ROI, and the supporting evidence clearly shows that having an actual SEO plan is an essential part of any comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Planning for SEO, whether that initiative is managed in-house or in conjunction with an agency partner, requires identifying target audiences and keywords, analyzing the competitive landscape and identifying website barriers, as well as building off-page signals through outreach. Learn more about these tactics below and consider employing the following approaches when building out a comprehensive SEO plan for your enterprise in 2015.

Identify Key Target Audiences

Using a variety of proprietary and third-party consumer data, it is important for marketers to start any SEO planning with a clear understanding of their target audience. Through data layering from owned databases, Google Analytics and third parties (e.g. Facebook), marketers can gain valuable information about their customers that will help direct content and SEO initiatives moving forward.
For example, marketers have the ability to track website visitors back to their profiles on Facebook and target them based on their social sharing behaviors. Identifying target audiences by geographic area, interests and other demographic information, allows marketers to build “roadmaps” for optimization.

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