26 May 2015

Search Trends Today for Influence Tomorrow

By Peter Prestipino, Editor-In-Chief

The Website Magazine community of Internet professionals has seen a great deal of change in relation to the practice of search engine optimization since our launch 10 years ago.

As you might remember, it was not uncommon in the early days of the Web to be able to rank for highly trafficked, competitive terms with what today would amount to only a modicum of digital effort; an exact-match domain, a few posts or articles stuffed to the virtual brim with relevant keywords combined with a few strategically placed links from a website owner’s colleagues and a website could easily start appearing on the search results (and it would, in most cases, work on every search engine).

That’s not exactly how it all comes together these days. Those responsible for search engine optimization in 2015 must not only understand the core practices of traditional optimization but, increasingly, the experience that is demanded and ultimately consumed by end-users. As a result, the savviest SEOs are shifting their attention from tweaking title tags to optimizing infrastructure and away from pursuing links anywhere they can be obtained to developing strategic promotional partnerships designed to drive audience engagement (and not just rankings) instead.


Unless your enterprise has had its digital blinders on, you likely already know the trends that are impacting how and why a website ranks (or does not rank) and will continue to influence the success of your digital business tomorrow and well into the future. For those that aren’t yet familiar, those trends are mobile-friendliness, content depth and quality, website speed and security, as well as certain signals related to the quality and context of inbound links. How can you get started capitalizing on these trends? Website Magazine has put together a few useful resources to help your brand accelerate its ‘Net success in this month’s Mastering Search column.

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