15 Jun 2014

SEO 2.0 – Focus on Outreach

By Peter Prestipino, Editor-In-Chief

There are no two ways about it – inbound links are influential in achieving top placement on the search results (arguably, they remain the single most important element today). Search engines, however, are not making it easy for Internet professionals to acquire the citations they need to place in competitive positions.

The search optimization process has changed dramatically in the 15-20 years since search engines first emerged in the digital landscape. In the past, the secrets of high rankings were straightforward – the heavy use of anchor text, paying for placement of links, directory submissions (regardless of relevance), sculpting on-site links and focusing on density-based keyword content, among others. The process was haphazard at best, but couple those methods with a keyword-rich domain and it was possible to rank competitively on the search engines (and with relative ease and simplicity). Again, things have changed – and changed dramatically.

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