We have been helping businesses gain rankings, attract traffic and achieve higher sales from day one.

Search engine optimization, as understood by many analysts and clients alike, is all about high rankings on major Search Engine Result Pages. At IncuBiz we consider this understanding to be limited in scope and non-optimal in terms of results.


We undertake the following processes to ensure that you remain at the top of all major search engine results safer and longer.


The same ethics that informs our strategy is reflected in our advocacy of natural search engine optimization services which is both cost and result effective. In fact, research shows that more than 70% of web users find ‘natural’ search results more relevant to their queries than sponsored search results.


At IncuBiz, we understand that no two clients or their needs are alike. That is why in each client is unique to us, bringing new challenges and new possibilities. We spend time and effort in knowing the specific requirements of our clients as we don’t believe in the ‘one SEO plan fits all’ approach.


Our search engine optimization services confirm to the global standards and are secured by non-disclosure agreements. We abide by international copyright laws and forfeit all intellectual property rights. IncuBiz™ provides each client a personal dashboard to view the progress of your SEO campaigns through trend reports, keyword reports and rankings analysis of your projects across search engines in real time.

FREE SEO Digital Book on Top Keywords to Use For Your Business
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Studies show that more than 97% of people looking for a product or service research online first. Search engines are the primary tool for people finding local, regional or the national services they need. More than 82% of Americans have purchased a product online and the numbers are growing. The days of the Yellow Pages are done.

Many of our clients’ sales and referrals come from online. This can’t happen without a website that is optimized for SEO and a solid PPC campaign. To increase traffic, your website should ideally appear in the top 10 positions of what are known as Google organic listings. Studies have shown that the top 10 listings in an organic Google listing can account for nearly 80% of all clicks when an online search is done.

Ads in Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are consistently rising in price, but it is an essential component of every internet marketing campaign. PPC accounts for nearly 35% of all targeted and marketing traffic. If you aren’t participating in PPC you’re missing targeted traffic and your competitors are beating you to the bank. IncuBiz knows an SEO & PPC strategy will results in up to 25% more traffic than just using SEO alone. Clearly, this means that if you aren’t displaying in search engines utilizing these strategies you are losing business to your competitor.

SEO & PPC are crucial to any online marketing campaign. Why? Because these methods send directed traffic to your website. Your business website must convert the traffic to emails, calls, or better yet sales. This is identified as lead generation and is exactly what SEO & PPC should be doing. But you don’t want just any lead, you want qualified leads that has a better than 50% chance of converting into a bona fide sale. SignalHarmony has years of experience creating and developing websites that enhance and embrace their brand image to convert visitors into clients. Remember visitors that don’t convert to clients (either by calling or leaving their email) represent lost time and revenue. Therefore, customer inquiries are vital.

When you work with SignalHarmony’s SEO Services you are not hiring or working with a regular SEO company. We understand marketing and brand strategies for increased sales and what that means for your bottom-line.  We will help create a marketing strategy for you and then implement that strategy with a clear purpose and goal in mind. Our job is to address every phase of the sales process to make sure you are positioned for the best possible chance of increasing your sales. Lead generation is vital to a successful online marketing strategy.

The strategy is simple but requires work. Quality Traffic= Quality Leads = Quality Sales. Remember, only one company can rank #1 in Google for a keyword search term(s). Only one company can be the market share leader and secure 50% or better of all traffic for a keyword search term(s). SignalHarmony is very effective at ranking in organic search listings. We can get your website ranked in its category.

If you are still questioning whether you should do SEO & PPC, you should seriously consider whether online marketing is something you have 1) budgeted for and 2) are committed to for your business. It should be very clear to every business owner that online marketing is the foundation of virtually every consumer-based business today. This is evident in the fact that all our current full-service SEO clients make a positive return on investment (ROI). This is only possible because the websites we have developed convert leads to calls, emails and eventually sales.