26 Nov 2014

Technology Enables Retailers to Ship From Any Store

The promise of omni-channel fulfillment has finally become a reality, and many of the largest retailers in the world are positioning themselves to better optimize order fulfillment.

That means things like second-day delivery for the same price as standard shipping for most customers and even same-day delivery are on the way. This will usher in a new world order of the already lofty expectations from e-commerce customers, and retailers without sound procurement strategies, that use multiple stores as shipping centers, will lag behind.

This is great news for retailers dealing in merchandise affected by seasonality, changing trends or advancing technology, because satisfying increasingly quick shipping times relies upon keeping inventory out of warehouses – and on store shelves. Whether a merchant has an established network of distribution centers around the country or has never shipped an item before, tying up inventory in warehouses is no longer a necessary component of running a successful e-commerce business. In fact, warehouses are quickly becoming hurdles to omnichannel success.

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