04 Apr 2013

Selling For Success In The 21st Century

The VOSS System was created to communicate with impact and understanding your voice, your message and intent your sales presentation in a way that will connect you with what’s most important and attentive to the listener… connecting.

Connecting with your listener with what they VALUE and BELIEVE THE MOST!

It is holistic in its design, approach, and ideal for those who desire to genuinely speak to people as themselves, with confidence, and be totally understood while doing so.

It is my belief that the VOSS system will change the way you communicate with people because you will have a better understanding of them as individuals, as people, and consumers, which I believe is vital in reaching the current consumer mindset living today in America with your sales message and marketing programs.

Why The VOSS System

The VOSS System takes into account the core values and perceptions that we as human beings use to consciously or unconsciously determine our buying decision making. It concisely identifies the three step value realities of consumer buying:

1. Seller or message.
2. Product or Service.
3. End User Consumer need or benefit.

The VOSS System puts all three in a classroom in order to understand their “How and Why principles,” and holistic decision making connection.

The VOSS System bases its foundation and philosophy on the belief that all buying decisions are based on the core values existing with the consumer and the “Value Belief” they are giving and assigning to the products or services being considered for purchase.

The VOSS System takes the position that “we buy and sell goods and services according to self value agreement, association, and perception.” Fundamental to the VOSS System is a through understanding of “Values” and there powerful hold on the consumer’s mental real estate, consumer decision making, and life time branding associations and loyalty .


The VOSS System will enable you to quickly see, recognize, and identify a potential client or customers core value decision making process.

The VOSS System will identify these value trigger points and how to address them in a way that will greatly aid you in your sales and agreement presentation.

The key to success with the VOSS system is to connect your dialogue with your listeners core value belief and its value associations.

The VOSS System is an holistic approach to what is called “Selling.”

The VOSS System takes the approach and position that what we buy and sell are “VALUES” and its belief perceptions, real or imagined for the Product or Service and the Message or Messenger presenting itself to “Our or Consumer” value system.

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