09 Jan 2015

Think Outside the Blog Post

By Allison Howen, Associate Editor

Banner blindness and ad-blocking plugins are forcing enterprises to get more creative with their promotional campaigns online – and many are turning to content marketing as a way to increase brand reach across the Web.

How companies produce and share their content, however, is what separates successful content marketing initiatives (those that engage audiences in unique, meaningful ways) with those that simply waste time and money.

While not an easy task, there are enterprises that have shown they are up for the digital challenge. Discover three brands below that are thinking outside the blog post when it comes to their content marketing initiatives.

UGC that Increases Conversions

It can be difficult to highlight content initiatives on some websites. Take the e-commerce industry as an example, which typically hosts sites that are image heavy and include dramatic calls to action (CTAs). Although it can be challenging for retailers to showcase content without distracting users and shifting their attention away from inventory, some retailers have found ways to make it work.

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