16 May 2014

Turn Your Website Into A Top Marketer

Incredible growth often comes with incredible challenges, and they can cripple or exhilarate those involved.

Performance marketers are no different. The ones moving forward in this space are doing more than rolling with the industry’s unique set of punches — they are reinventing the practice of performance marketing altogether. They continue to defeat the rogue affiliates who stretch, bend and break the unspoken code of ethics just to gain a quick buck, and they stay one step ahead of the ever-changing digital landscape. It’s those performance marketing professionals who also keep the industry moving forward — contributing to Forrester Research’s forecast that the performance marketing space will reach $4 billion this year — a significant increase from the $1.9 billion it generated five years ago.

It’s also those performance marketers who know that, despite the rest of the digital world still thumbing their virtual noses at the term ‘affiliate,’ the popular marketing tactic isn’t going anywhere and that, most recently, content marketing is to thank.

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