26 May 2015

What’s Important in Website Analytics

By Amir Glatt, Duda Co-Founder & CTO

There’s no doubt that we live in the data era. Today, nearly everything we do online is trackable.

Even more importantly, new analytics tools appear every day to crunch this data and provide marketers and businesses with insights we simply didn’t have in the past.

In the business world, companies that base decisions on data are more successful than those that do not. The culture inside the most successful companies in the world, like Google and Amazon, is data driven, and decisions are usually made based on what the numbers say rather than what the most senior person in the room thinks.

With the enormous amount of data that is now collected and crunched comes a new type of problem for businesses: How do you determine what’s important and what’s not? Internet professionals can spend hours, days even, looking at different metrics and stats but what should savvy Web workers focus on? Although all data is relevant in certain ways, the most important data, the figures which should draw the most attention from marketers (and the like), is the data that they can take actions on. If they want to discover something about their websites, but can’t do anything about it, it’s probably not worth their time. Let’s look at the website statistics of a typical small business to demonstrate the difference between actionable data and excess analytics.

The business we will use in this article is a Phoenix-based restaurant called “The Gladly.” As a restaurant, the main goal of its site is to drive new reservations, provide people with the information they need to make a dining decision and position the restaurant as a place people would like to visit again and again.


Image A provides a glimpse of The Gladly’s actual website data as captured by Google Analytics. This kind of basic information is important for providing a general understanding of the website’s overall performance. How many potential customers interact with this website? How soon do they leave the website?

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