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About Us

When you are not selling, you are marketing.
When you are not marketing, you are selling,
the promise and story of your product or service!


With our marketing Return On Investment program, IncuBiz will integrate and enhance your marketing tools that you are currently using to help build your brand by giving your business a customer-driven marketing ROI…
Return On Involvement • Return On Influence • Return On Invention • Return On Impact
With the above four, you get a Return On Your Business Investment.


We will create marketing programs specific to and for your customers that take into account the presentation, the packaging, and the delivery of your core message, the story, and promise of your products or services to them. All done in a way that will resonate with your customers and make your brand a part of your customer’s everyday lifestyle, whether it be work or play.


In marketing, there are many “P’s” and in-betweens. We will introduce you and your business to the most important “P” you need to know! People. Yes, we understand the marketing mix consists of the following:
1. Product 2. Price 3. Placement/Distribution 4. Promotion 5. Positioning/Brand-Awareness
People… The most important “P”… Do you know people?

  • The people who are your staff
  • The people who are your suppliers
  • The people in your sales/distribution/store chain
  • And most of all the people who are your customers

People. In order to design for you, a return on relationships with the everyday reality that is your business with relationship selling.


Your marketing has to have both an offline and online equivalent, meaning they have to work with and for each other. We will create a marketing program that is not only consistent in design for brand recognition but will be integrated across all media offline and online with authoritative content geared toward customer impact in order to create lead generation and sales conversion.


Our Marketing Network.

From videographers, patent and trademark attorneys, to programmers, and researchers and brokers are all here to assist and help you each step of the way as we get you and your product or business ready for success in the marketplace.

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Creative Director
Our Marketing Network
Legal Counsel & Business Development