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The Brain Power

The Brain Power Behind IncuBiz Marketing Group…

Robert Rosario

Robert Rosario is currently the founder and CEO of IncuBiz Marketing Group. Under the leadership of Robert Rosario, IncuBiz has become a national multi-award-winning interactive web design and an online and traditional marketing firm geared for start-ups and small to mid-sized businesses, with most of IncuBiz’s clients being prepared for product and service market roll-out through packaging, presentation, and delivery models which include online and traditional distribution.

John J. Duncan

John Duncan is a seasoned, highly recognized, and proven professional in the food and beverage manufacturing and sales and distribution industry directly and indirectly doing business and generating over $600 million in sales within the last 20 years at every level from fortune 500 companies to independent manufacturing companies.

Our founders, who are dedicated to your success have also worked for or with the following companies…